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Merritt Island Christian School is an outstanding academic institution with an outstanding curriculum in all departments.  MICS offers a comprehensive curriculum which includes a STEM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) from Kindergarten through the twelfth grade.

At the High School level MICS offers four diploma tracks:

  • College Prep Honors Diploma
  • Fine Arts Diploma/Fine Arts Honors Diploma
  • STEM Diploma/ STEM Honors Diploma
  • Traditional Diploma

Honors and Dual Enrollment courses are also included in the rigorous curriculum.

MICS instructs above and beyond the common core standards.

MICS’ new textbooks may display the verbiage – Common Core Enriched Edition, Meeting the Common Core Standards, etc..  These are tactics from the book publisher to help sell their textbooks. MICS would never select a textbook that was not aligned with our Biblical Worldview.

Some of the Common Core goes beyond content and moves into the realm of teaching methodology. Since many of these techniques do not align with our traditional Christian approach, we have purposefully chosen not to add them.

It is not the practice of Merritt Island Christian School to adjust or change its curriculum to align with each new reform that is presented in academia. MICS will continue its commitment to seek content and best practices that provide students with the tools they need for both academic and personal success.

The advanced curriculum across every department is comprehensive and encourages the development and application of Christian character.  This is enhanced by a well-qualified state and ACSI certified faculty.

Dual Enrollment

MICS has established a partnership with Palm Beach Atlantic University which will allow students to enroll in college coursework while on the MICS campus. These courses will be offered in conjunction with our traditional curriculum. Students must hold a 3.0 GPA, must have completed their sophomore year, and must meet course-specific prerequisites to participate.

Home School students are not eligible to participate in PBA Dual Enrollment course.

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