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Sarah Peters: Class of 2007

Art Therapist, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Misericordia Home

Chicago, IL

What did she think about her education at MICS?

“I am so thankful for my high school art instructor, Wendy Fisher. Without Mrs. Fisher, I would have never pursued a career in the arts that led me to my current profession in the mental health field. I am also grateful to the guidance counselor who encouraged (and lectured) me to apply to my dream school, The Savannah College of Art & Design. I did not plan on anything beyond community college at the time, so I realize now just how lucky I was to have a few key people in high school who saw potential and pushed me forward. After high school, I went on to attend SCAD and traveled to France on a scholarship during my time there. Years later, I attended grad school at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and traveled through Switzerland, Germany and Austria, also on scholarship. These beautiful experiences would have never been possible without the support from those at MICS.”

Eric Myers: Class of 2006

Owner/Operator of Slightly Obsessed Fishing Charters

Port Canaveral, FL

What did he think about his education at MICS?

“I’m very grateful to my parents for sending me to MICS. It definitely has shaped who I am today, and put people in my life who I would not have otherwise known. Some have been very impactful. It is not always easy to see the purpose behind the way things happen, but I believe everything happens the way it’s meant to happen. In other words, God has a plan, and it might not be what you’d like at the time, but without a doubt, it will end up bringing you to where you’re supposed to be. For me, this has most certainly reined true, and I wouldn’t change a thing about my time at MICS.”

Alex Ducharme: Class of 2011

Analyst, Client Specialist Global Wealth Solutions

Sales/Trading – Equity Capital Markets

Raymond James Financial

What did he think about his education at MICS?

“I went to MICS for twelve years. In that time I made lifelong friends and relationships that can never be replaced. MICS helped shape the man I am today. The teachers and administration always cared about me on a personal level, and I had great relationships with them that made my school experience the best I could have ever asked for. I learned a lot academically, personally and spiritually in my twelve years. I would not replace my memories at MICS for anything.”

Nicholas Spadola: Class of 2009

Attorney at Law 

Massachusetts and New York

What did he think about his education at MICS?

“Merritt Island Christian is more than just a school. I would not be the man that I am today if it were not for the education, experiences, relationships, and guidance that I received while in attendance and still receive to this day. Merritt Island Christian is part of my family.”

Jeanna Wood: Class of 2007

Marketing Specialist – Content Strategy

Embraer Executive Jets

Melbourne, FL

What did she think about her education at MICS?

“Merritt Island Christian School gave me a wonderful, safe, and encouraging place to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I am thankful for having teachers that truly cared about my well-being.”

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