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The SAT and ACT exams are requirements for college placement so start planning early!

2023-2024 SAT Test Dates and Registration

2023-2024 ACT Test Dates and Registration

The MICS High School code is #101031.

Test Preparation Links

The following links are useful for test preparation:

FREE, PERSONALIZED SAT Khan Academy Practice (To Qualify Students for the College Board Opportunity Scholarships)      

SAT Question of the Day
PSAT Practice      

SAT Prep (FREE) 

ACT Prep (FREE  ]

SAT/ACT Test Prep

All Test Prep (FREE)

All Test Prep                   Hidden Potential

All Test Prep         

All Test Prep         

All Test Prep         

Ingram Test Prep

*The test prep opportunities listed on the MICS website have not been created by Merritt Island Christian School, and MICS cannot guarantee results.

You can also check with local colleges and universities, as well as your local library, for test prep classes.

PSAT Scores and My College QuickStart – Click Here